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The company was founded in 2001

Adhere to the development of optoelectronic technology to create low-radiation and environmentally friendly 3C optoelectronics and other products.

In 2001, it marketed its own brand "MIKADO".

In 2002, the factory was set up in Xindian, and independently developed PCB and mold design. The marketing channels cover the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, the Middle East, etc.
      The country's product content is mainly based on computer screens, car LCD TVs and DVDs.

In 2005, the Mobile DVD Player+Digital TV was launched as the first single TV in China to drive TV at high speed.
      The fee provider provides a convenient entertainment life to accompany and enjoy, and cooperates with domestic stores, RT-Mart and Tsann Kuen 3C to sell products and networks relative devices.

In 2014, the company expanded its business and introduced the production of lifestyle department stores and sporting goods, and marketed it under the “Easy Q” brand.

In 2017, the brand of DVD player with home playback will be launched as “Easy Q”. The main channel is the domestic lifestyle department store hypermarket Carrefour.

Own product service (including OEM, ODM) content:

(1) 3C electronic information products (memory card flash drive, mouse USB transmission cable, wireless Bluetooth headset, mobile power, wireless wireless charging racks, Bluetooth speakers, etc. all have NCC, BSMI license certification).

(2) Home movie audio multimedia products (home DVD player, mobile DVD player, LCD TV (additional exclusive patent air clean and Gas detection function) Small dehumidifier, air purifier...etc. certified by BSMI/NCC).

(3) Home living kitchen supplies (all kinds of fruit and vegetable meat cutting tools, aesthetic home LED lighting fixtures, etc.).

(4) Outdoor sports and leisure products (in line with national safety regulations SGS yoga mats, yoga columns, outdoor lighting series, etc.).

■ 3C, home appliance series products are provided by the company's own Shenzhen/Xindian factory line production and back-end maintenance warranty.

■ The products of home life, outdoor sports and leisure products are the warranty service of the company.

Company goal vision
  Regarding customer demand as the starting point for all products, of course, it is not only a promise, but also the principle we have been insisting on. The ultimate goal is to provide liquid crystal products and consumer electronics products with network integration (e3C+TFT). To facilitate the needs of life, we not only produce high-quality goods, but also convey a simple life attitude "Easy Q" and diverse living values. This is our eternal commitment and our constant efforts.

Company operation path

   At present, the company's entire product line is sold by dealers, hypermarkets, and nets from all domestic distributors under the Easy Q brand.

Road access (PCHOME, MOMO, Life Market, Songcon Market...) provides quality products for mass consumers.

Services : 3C electronic information products, home bathroom kitchen supplies, outdoor sports and leisure products, home movie audio multimedia products
Service delivery method : mail, home delivery, pick-up, super-commercial pick-up
Payment transaction method : cash, ATM transfer, wire transfer
Main service area: National area

Services: IT,Lifestyle department store,Outdoor sports,3C

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express, In Person, Deliver to CVS
Payment:Cash, Wired Transfer, T/T
Service Zone:Nationwide