Fashionable environmentally friendly tableware set

  Fashionable and environmentally-friendly portable tableware group, further let you enjoy the higher quality of life enjoyment ~ simple and stylish ~ contact opening at the tight sealing performance; unlike the general tableware combination on the market, we have added stainless steel straws, healthy and environmentally friendly.

        Stay away from plasticizing, healthy and environmentally friendly - environmentally friendly SUS304 stainless steel straws. High-quality steel, after high-temperature sterilization, grinding, polishing and other treatments, let you use peace of mind ~ high-quality thick spoon, steel chopsticks ~ high temperature, no mold, easy to carry, good cleaning, environmentally friendly than disposable chopsticks, love the earth from a small place Start! Whether it is a luxury version or a simple version has a complete package ~ eating is not just food, but also pay attention to tableware, make the diet more healthy, refined and elegant, simple and natural is not yours!




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