Spherical food grade ice maker

Whisky spherical food grade ice maker, high elastic silicone material, high temperature resistance, anti-breaking, long service life, non-toxic and environmentally friendly! It adopts the half-opening and the bottom with the foot design, which is stable and not easy to shake. Ice picking is quick and easy and does not damage the integrity of the puck! You can also make baby food supplements, when the molds such as vegetables, fruits and mud, let you use for a variety of purposes, easy and convenient

Product specifications
Color: black / white (random colors)

Size: Length 17.8cm Width 12.8cm Height 5cm
Weight: 224 grams (6 balls)
Specifications: 6 ball
Temperature resistance: -30 degrees to 240 degrees
Function: Household / Commercial Ice / Wine / Beverage Products
Material: food grade silicone


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