Automatic stirring coffee cup

#304 Stainless steel liner, 3 in 1 coffee companion, stirring quickly and evenly
If you want to drink delicious coffee, you need to stir it thoroughly. How do you mix the cream and sugar? In the absence of a spoon, it is troublesome.

Like the cup you saw, it cleverly helps you get it all. Made of stainless steel, the sealed lid can keep the temperature of the coffee, double-layer insulation, hot, can turn over as a small snack plate, now, just press the yellow stirring button, ha, a tornado The same vortex is formed under your eyelids, instantly mixing the cream, sugar and coffee.

Super silent motor, you won't hear any sound at all, it has already done its job. At the speed of 3,000 rpm, there is nothing like the best coffee that is not fixed under such stirring.

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